Anonymous said:
your rei cosplay's the cutest!!!!! i love free :D

waaah thank you ! u////u you’re so sweet ;w; hehe

Anonymous said:
I didnt know you cosplay ~ where are you planning on cosplaying rei? or is it just for fun?

ahaha i dont usually ;w; but im going to anime north this year c: so im being rei huhhuu

Anonymous said:
LMFAO YOU MAKE SUCH A CUTE REI!! such a canon rei cosplay though

aHAHA thank you honey ;w; 


i was trying to make a cool rei gif but i missed the chair 
Anonymous said:
cheskey, not even himchan can beat your leg game

IM ALUGHING OMG that is like the best compliment ever thank you kind soul ♥

tacoyolo said:
Is that you one your icon! love the icon!

haha yes ;w; ! thank you sweetie ♥

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